What Happens After Filing?

  • After your Petition for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is filed a notice of "341 meeting" will be mailed to all of your creditors mentioned in the Petition, you, and Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney Carmen G. Soto. This notice lets you know when, what time and where your meeting of creditors is going to be and which trustee you've been assigned to. This meeting will typically be set roughly three weeks from the date of filing. If you are unable to attend the assigned date for your initial meeting of creditors you must inform your attorney immediately so they may request a new date from the Court.

  • Upon filing your Bankruptcy Petition, your creditors must immediately stop contacting you. If you are contacted by a creditor after filing, first inform them that you have filed bankruptcy and give them your case number and attorney's information. If the creditor contacts you again, you must inform your attorney.

  • After filing there are certain documents that you must provide to the Trustee. Every Trustee requires different things, but typically they ask for the following:

    • 6 months (prior to filing date and including date of filing) of pay statements
    • Pay-off information for all vehicles
    • Value estimates of all vehicles (i.e. CarMax estimates)
    • 3 years tax returns
    • 3-6 months bank statements (prior to filing date and including date of filing)
    • Photos of listed assets (furniture, jewelry, vehicles, electronics, etc.)
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