Are you finding it to be a daily struggle to pay your consumer debt bills? Simply do not make enough income to pay everything? Tired of endless harassing from creditors? Filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be your best option for a fresh financial start and peace of mind with the help of Carmen G. Soto’s legal expertise in bankruptcy.

Let’s start with what you are probably wondering:

What Exactly is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Why Should I File?
  • A way to eliminate or significantly reduce your secured and unsecured consumer debt through liquidation
  • The debt that will be liquidated must be consumer debt
  • This liquidation allows the creditor to take non-exempt property from debtor. Under the Florida Constitution property that cannot be taken from you, the debtor, is considered exempt property
  • Filing for bankruptcy can end harassing phone calls from creditors
  • May stop pending judgments, garnishments, foreclosure, repossession and other legal actions against you during the bankruptcy
So What Exactly is Considered Consumer Debt?
  • Includes: Unsecured debt from credit cards; medical bills, and others
  • Does not include: Student loans, alimony and child support debt
  • Examples of “exempt property”: Property protected by Florida law, that debtor can keep during bankruptcy
  • Money in the bank from: Wages, and certain government benefits (ex. social security)
  • $1000 for any equity from a vehicle
  • $1000 worth of personal property
  • As well as various others, simply call The Law Offices of Carmen G. Soto, PA for a more in-depth explanation
Do I even Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
  • You must meet a Means Test which considers factors such as your accumulated consumer debt and your income.
  • A quick call to The Law Offices of Carmen G. Soto, PA will answer this question during a FREE consultation.
Fears About Bankruptcy
  • Many people fear that they will not be able to buy a home after filing bankruptcy. Yet, the reality is that the debtor is probably not able to do so while trying to balance overwhelming debt. Filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will allow the debtor to liquidate their debt, in order to start fresh allowing the ability save money in order to purchase a home.

  • Fear that if a debtor files now, they will never be able to file for bankruptcy ever again. Although there are some limitations on filing again, it is a possibility. These possibilities are on a case by case basis and can be discussed with Carmen G. Soto, Esq. during your FREE consultation.

Considering Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Easy Steps to Take
  1. Immediately contact The Law Offices of Carmen G. Soto, PA in order to set up you FREE consultation to discuss your financial situation and qualification for filing bankruptcy.
  2. Prepare to put your financial worries behind you and have a chance to start fresh without the burden of all your debt!

For more information and to schedule your FREE consultation regarding bankruptcy with Carmen G. Soto, Esq. please call our offices at (954) 523-0703, at any time. You can also reach our offices through email at We look forward to helping you with this life changing decision to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and have a start fresh!

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