Are Creditors Harassing You?

It is ILLEGAL for a creditor to harass a debtor in order to collect repayment. Do not allow yourself to be harassed! The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act specifically delineates what conduct is allowed and what conduct is not allowed by creditors collecting debts. Have you been a victim of illegal collection by creditors?

Some illegal forms of collections attempts are:

  • Calling during non-appropriate hours of the day
  • Using foul language
  • Using a false identity
  • Threatening debtor’s safety, or reputation
  • Altering amount owed
  • Fraudulently altering debtor’s credit report

Harassing creditors will not make it easier to pay the debt off, actually it only add more stress to your life. For more information on creditor’s illegal tactics, ask Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney Carmen G. Soto during your FREE CONSULTATION. You may be a victim of illegal credit collection, and Bankruptcy Attorney Carmen G. Soto is ready to fight for you and provide the protection you deserve.

One way to end harassing creditors, whether they are using illegal collecting methods or not is BANKRUPTCY. Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will force the creditors to freeze any collection on debt, through an automatic stay. If a creditor then attempts to contact the debtor in any way while this “automatic stay” is in effect they will have legal ramifications. The court can even force the continuously harassing creditor to pay punitive damages, attorney’s fees, and even court cost if they are violating the automatic stay.

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