Is There Life After Bankruptcy?

Of course! The goal of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is to allow a debtor to have a fresh start in order to regain control of their life again. Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is an option for a debtor that is swamped with consumer debt that is very disproportionate to their income. When your debt exceeds a realistic repayment amount, your best option may be to start fresh with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. To determine if this is the right step for your personal situation set up your FREE CONSULTATION, with Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney Carmen G. Soto today!

The usual questions:

  1. How can there be life after bankruptcy if it ruins my credit?

    There is no time limit or restriction to rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy. You may actually start rebuilding your credit immediately after filing for bankruptcy if you follow the correct steps and procedures. A simple FREE CONSULTATION can answer all the questions you have about how to do this.

  2. Won't I have really high interest rates for certain loans?

    This is true, you will have slightly higher interest rates than a person who has not filed bankruptcy. Yet this doesn't mean that you will not obtain the loans at all.

  3. I will never get another job with a bankruptcy on my record!

    This is also a misconception associated with bankruptcies. Some employers will never look at an applicant's credit report when determining their qualifications, and hiring decision. There may be certain positions with financial responsibilities that may consider this, but they are definitely not most common employments.

  4. So what are the consequences of filing bankruptcy?

    A bankruptcy will inevitably leave a blemish or mark on your credit history. Yet, if you're at the point of considering filing, there is a high probability that your credit has already been damaged. It is usually the fresh start opportunity resulting from a successful Chapter 7 Bankruptcy that finally allows the debtor a chance to improve their credit.

  5. How long will a bankruptcy stay on my record?

    Under Federal law, a bankruptcy can be reported for up to 10 years.

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