How Can I Prepare to File Bankruptcy?

First, during your FREE CONSULTATION, Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney Carmen G. Soto will answer all of your questions and explain every upcoming step of the bankruptcy process.

Before filing for bankruptcy there are things you should not do, such as:

  1. Do not intentionally add excessive charges to your credit cards.
  2. Do not transfer property to anyone without consulting an attorney.
  3. Do not pay off your any of your creditors as a preference.
  4. Do not repay any debt to family and friends, because this could be misinterpreted by the Trustee handling your bankruptcy.
  5. Do not fail to file a tax return under any circumstance.

You will receive a questionnaire packet upon completion of your FREE CONSULTATION at the Law Offices of Bankruptcy Attorney Carmen G. Soto, detailing information of necessary documents. For a general idea of the documents you may need prior to filing please see the list below.

  1. Picture identification and Original Social Security Card
  2. Household Budget expenses in order to determine what Chapter of bankruptcy is best for you.
  3. Bank statements for the last three months
    1. Checking account;
    2. Savings account;
    3. Statements for all 401K, IRA or other retirement plans; and
    4. Any account or C/D closed in the last year.
  4. Income Tax Returns and W2 forms for the last 3 years, if available.
  5. Six months pay stubs and statements of income (i.e. S.S.I)
  6. Property documentation: if you own or name appears on the property
    1. Deed for the property;
    2. An appraisal report, if appraised in the last 90 days, or broker's price opinion letter;
    3. All trust deeds;
    4. Most recent billing statement for Loan on the property (reflecting balance due)
    5. Insurance declaration page (showing policy limits);
    6. Escrow closing statement if property was sold or refinanced in the last two years.
    7. If applicable: Divorce Documents dealing with property;
      • Property settlement agreement and/or Order approving such agreement
    8. If applicable: Premarital or Post-Nuptial property agreements.
  7. Motor Vehicle and/ or Watercraft documentation
    1. DMV registration for each vehicle or boat;
    2. Vehicle lease or purchase agreement, if within the last 120 days;
    3. Most recent billing statement reflecting the loan balance; and
    4. Insurance declaration page (showing policy limits).
  8. Support Orders
    1. Any order that details child or spousal support order and the name(s) and address of the people receiving the support.
  9. Trust documents
    1. If you created a trust or are the beneficiary or trustee of a trust.
  10. Civil Lawsuits
    1. Any complaint filed by you or against you; and/or
    2. Any judgments obtained by you or against you.

It is best to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION by emailing or calling the Bankruptcy Attorney Carmen G. Soto, since some of these documents may not apply to your particular case. Bankruptcy Attorney Carmen G. Soto will personally sit down with you and analyze your case and the necessary steps as well as documents obtained.

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