DOs and DON'Ts of Social Networking During a Divorce

It is actually advisable not to have a Facebook/Twitter and/or social network account during a divorce however if you must the following are a few Do’s and Don’t’s :

Social Networking During A Divorce
  1. DON’T post pictures or comments revealing a depraved, wild, or out of control party lifestyle. Craziness never reflects well in a divorce.

  2. DO pay close attention to photos your friends are posting of you or tagging you in. It is not just your page that will be watched. The people you affiliate with will be brought under scrutiny as well.

  3. DON’T post pictures or discussions regarding new purchases or vacations. You never want to paint an unrealistic picture of your personal finances.

  4. DO be selective about the information you share. Even the smallest comment can work against you in a divorce.

  5. DON’T post negatively about your Ex, your Ex’s family, your Ex’s attorney, or the Judge. Negativity gets you in more trouble than the immediate satisfaction is worth.

  6. DO try to paint the most positive, yet realistic, picture of yourself as you can. Posting pessimistic, depressing, or unflattering things about yourself only hurts you in the long run.

  7. DON’T complain about how difficult it is being a single parent or how exhausting it is raising children alone. If timesharing is a point of contention during the divorce, these comments may affect the Judge’s decision.

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