We represent clients seeking judgments and/or collections, in the event that they have already received a judgment in their favor.

The following are some of the procedures used and/or issues addressed:

Deposition in aid of execution - debtors give testimony regarding their finances and assets.

Garnishment - the person or institution owed money can be compensated by the taking of the debtor’s property in the hands of a third party. Examples include obtaining the debtor’s funds from the financial institution associated with the debtor or from an employer.

Non-sufficient funds checks

Commercial litigation between contracts or litigation issues between two businesses.

AGGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION WHEN IT COMES TO COLLECTIONS. At times a demand letter from a collections law firm resolves the matter in an amicable fashion without having to file suit. This is the case because those who owe money are at times more receptive and responsive if an attorney sends them a letter. If the debtor still refuses to pay the amount owed, a lawsuit is filed and the debtor is taken to court. Filing a lawsuit and obtaining a favorable judgment is step one in getting our clients the money owed them.

This law firm also has access to background search software that assists in the gathering of necessary information this includes, but is on not limited to:

Motor Vehicle Records
All previous addresses
Employment information
State of Florida Public Records
Bankruptcy and/or court judgments

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