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As of 2010, there were about 24,000 households in Weston. The median income for a household in the city was approximately $94,000. If you are concerned about whether your children will be adequately supported after a divorce, Weston child support lawyer Carmen Soto may be able to help you. Child support may be a source of significant stress for divorcing couples, and it is important to retain an attorney who is sensitive to your situation. Our firm is located directly across the street from the new Broward courthouse, which is the court that hears family law matters involving Weston residents. Thus, we do not charge our clients for travel costs or parking fees related to court proceedings.

Child Support in a Florida Divorce

Both parents have a duty to support their children financially. The child support that a parent pays is supposed to go toward the child's shelter, electricity, food, water, and other basic needs. However, there is no duty for a parent to account for the specific expenses for which they used the child support payments. Typically, a parent who has a child for the majority of the time gets support, while the other parent pays it.

Although one parent pays child support to the other parent, the obligation is to the child, rather than the other parent. In Florida, the amount of child support is decided by the Florida Child Support Guidelines. A formula is used to calculate what a parent pays. You do not have a right to waive child support paid by the other parent on behalf of your child.

Factors that are used in the calculation include how many overnights each parent spends with the child, the income of both parents, and the child's financial needs, including day care expenses and health insurance needs. When a paying parent has 20% of the overnights over the course of a year, there is a reduction of their obligation.

Whether you pay child support or not, this is a separate issue from child visitation. You may not try to use visitation as leverage to force a parent who is not paying child support to make payments. Likewise, if the other parent does not allow you to visit as ordered by the court, you still need to pay child support to support your child. A child support attorney in the Weston area can help you find ways to properly enforce a court order.

You may try to modify child support if there has been a substantial and material change in your circumstances. For example, if you have lost your job, you may apply to modify child support. You should apply for a modification rather than simply stopping payments because until the order is changed, you owe the original amount of support.

Sometimes disabled children receive child support past the age of 18, and similarly kids over age 18 who are still in high school may also receive child support.

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Child support may raise complex concerns for families. Weston child support attorney Carmen Soto is ready to assist you in these difficult circumstances. Ms. Soto has more than 15 years of experience as a family law attorney handling child support issues. Her staff speaks both Spanish and English, and we provide flexible payment plans to reduce the pressure on our clients’ finances. Contact us at 954-523-0703 or use our online form to set up a free appointment with a divorce attorney.

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