There are several kinds of alimony that the court can award a party in a divorce action (1) Periodic Alimony, (2) Lump Sum Alimony (3) Rehabilitative Alimony, (4) Bridge the Gap Alimony and (5) Permanent Alimony.

The courts consider certain factors when determining alimony. The following are the main, but not the only factors:

    a) The standard of living that the parties enjoyed
    b) The length of the marriage
    c) The ages and the emotional condition of each party
    d) The financial position of each party which includes marital as well as non-marital assets and liabilities given to each party
    e) The time necessary for either party to acquire training
    f) Homemaking, child care, education and career building contributions of each party
    g) Any and all sources of income for each party

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